• Happy Holidays from Sarah Green Social!
  • I think a lot of women business owners struggle with this, I know I do. Pricing is such a struggle for a lot of us. 
For me, especially if something is easy I feel like I shouldn’t be charging as much as I do— but you know why it’s easy? Because I did the work, I learned the skills. 
Don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth, and then add tax. 😙 #girlboss
  • What are you working on today? 
I actually took the day off, I usually only work four days a week-I need a catch up day to grocery shop/do laundry and weekends are for the fam!  #benefitsofworkingfromhome
  • Tag your favorite #girlboss business owner in the comments!  #whoruntheworldgirls
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  • Strive to make yourself proud first- the opinions of other people don’t pay your bills!
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  • Everything you need. 🙌🏻